I have a rather large collection of jewelry that I’ve added to over the years. I haven’t had much luck finding the perfect organizer – one that is 1) big enough to store all my jewelry and 2) built in a way that allows me to see all of it and pick one piece out without ending up with a tangled mess. I’ve searched the internet and tried all sorts of jewelry organization ideas. I’ve stored my necklaces on a coat rack, my bracelets on a random post I found at a thrift store, my rings in pretty dishes. After poring over tons of ideas, I decided to go DIY and try making my own necklace organizer using a cork board and push pins.

DIY Jewelry Organizer

I like this idea because I can easily move the pins around based on the length of the necklace, and I can see all of them at once! This makes it so much easier to choose what I want to wear. I also like to reminisce about each item and how I acquired it – most of it was given to me by my mom, sister, and sister in law, I scored a few items at thrift stores, and others I picked up when traveling in different states or countries. I made one of them. Can you guess which?

I got this plain jane corkboard from The Container Store, and used clear pushpins so they wouldn’t clash with the jewelry. The Container Store has these cool wooden push pins that I almost used, but I didn’t have enough to hang all of the necklaces. This organizer currently holds 28 necklaces – I have about 20 more so I might upgrade to a bigger board at some point.

A few other ideas I’d like to try:

  • Paint the frame of the corkboard
  • Put fabric over the cork portion
  • Use ribbon or lace to hang the board on the wall

Have you ever made a DIY jewelry organizer, or wanted to? Would this idea work for your collection?