lux black stonewash jeans

Top – ??? via Buffalo Exchange, Jeans – Lux via Buffalo Exchange, Bracelet – Gift from sis & BIL
Sandals – Delicious via some store in downtown Newark NJ!, Earrings – Nova Ice, I think

I haven’t had much time lately to snap outfit shots, so into the archives for this post. These photos are from a shoot with Stanley Morgan of I always have fun shooting with him, trying new things and new locations.

You already know these are one of my favorite pairs of jeans – this is also one of my favorite shirts and a favorite bracelet. I love these earrings, they remind me of the 90’s when I never had a pair but I would have if I had any money. I call them my Shahida earrings and always think of the line “bamboo earrings, at least two pair” from Around the Way Girl by LL Cool J when I wear them – what could be more fun?? I’ve had these sandals since college. All I wore was platforms then, and they have finally come back in style. These are the only pair that survived the dozens of closet cleanouts since then, now I’m kind of wishing I held onto a couple of my other pairs…

I’m actually wearing full makeup here, which is super rare. I’ve been pretty clueless about makeup application for most of my life, and finally decided to take a class with Luxurious Looks to fill in the gaps. I can be slightly anal about these things, and Yanna helped me choose the right colors for my complexion and create a few different looks. This is my natural daytime look. 😀

mac natural daytime makeup

I’m wearing MAC concealer, foundation, powder, and lip glass, along with cheapie Maybelline eyeshadow and Great Lash mascara (best mascara ever!). I prefer shadow with higher pigmentation, so I plan to pick up palettes from Smashbox and/or Urban Decay to play with. I was 3-5 months into growing my eyebrows in at this point, but I think I did a fair job of making them appear groomed with lots of concealer and a highlight on my browbone…at least from a distance. Unfortunately, my eyes always turn red when I wear makeup – super sensitive – so I’ll have to remember Visine as part of my makeup kit.

This is one of my favorite shots from this set – Stan did a beautiful job with the lighting!

Hope you’re having a great Memorial Day weekend…