Gray Forever 21 Dress, American Apparel Tights, Jessica Simpson Capry Boots

Earrings – Clark Park Flea Market, Dress – Forever 21 via Buffalo Exchange
Leggings – American Apparel, Boots – Jessica Simpson

Aside from the fact that it’s a bit short, this is one of my favorite dresses. I bought it for it’s potential versatility – a neutral color and simple cut, it can be worn plenty of different ways. What I didn’t pay enough attention to is the space cadet style sleeves, which makes the dress a little more difficult to layer over. I can’t really wear it with a light cardi, but blazers do work. Long sleeves under are also fair game.

This time, I wore the dress to a friend’s going away party on a chilly night. I paired it with leggings and a wide belt. I also wore my favorite knee high boots. Speaking of these boots, you have no idea how committed I was to finding these boots for less than retail.

I stalked them for months last fall using my usual methods, but the lowest price I could find was still over $100 (and they’re still selling at that price even now!). Well, right now I don’t own any shoes that cost more than $100 (and it’s not a goal of mine), so I kept shopping around. Finally, Black Friday rolled around and I found a sale at Macy’s. I had never shopped on Black Friday, but this time I drove to Macy’s in Jersey and got there around 5am. There they were, in all their glory, on sale for $87! And Macy’s had another coupon in their Black Friday circular for another $10 off. The details are hazy now, and I’m not totally sure I qualified for the extra discount, but the sales person graciously took care of it.

At $77, these boots were a steal. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find black, knee high, somewhat low heeled, real leather boots that you really like at that price? Well it requires patience. Like a lioness hunting her prey, one must be focused, diligent, and only then will she prevail…

Have you ever managed to find an amazing discount on something on your wishlist? Do you smile every time you put it on??