brooks brothers pants ann taylor shoes
Top – Who Knows?, Cardi –, Pants – Brooks Brothers via Thrift, Shoes – Anne Klein

I spotted these Brooks Brothers pants for $3.45 on a recent  impromptu thrifting trip. Of course, I could not leave them in the store, even though they’re…highwaters!!!! If I had worn these back in school, my classmates would have had a field day! Thanks guys, for toying with my fragile teenaged self esteem. Now, thankfully, honeybadger don’t care (sorry for the bad words, but you have to admit it’s hilarious, especially if you were a fan of nature shows back in the day) and I wear what I want without regard for fashion faux pas.

I wore them with a shirt I’ve had for 100 years but can’t let go of because I love the pattern, and a newer cardi from I got into Korean fashion because of the show High As the Sky, Wide as the Earth (one of the few reasons I miss having a TV…oh em gee it looks like the vids are available online) and YesStyle is one of the sites I came across in my search for the clothes I saw on the show. I love the styles on the site, and I love that they have a zillion pictures for each item, but a lot of their clothes are one size fits all, which equals small on me. That’s ok but they won’t always look the same as they do on the models – they still get worn to death.

In case you’re wondering why I’m wearing a long sleeved cardigan in mid summer, it’s because I work in an office that supplies sub-zero temperatures to its employees (totally kidding guys, you’re awesome! …). I try to wear a cardigan or light jacket every day, otherwise it’s my “you look like a homeless person” black mega wrap, drinking hot water, and wishing I had a trashcan full of fire.

You can almost see my silver flats from Ann Klein Sport which are super comfortable to walk in. I even wear them around the house they’re so comfy. I bought them in a pinch – I was wearing beaded sandals, rushing to an event, and my pants kept getting caught – and snagged – on the beading. It was a disaster. I ran to Liberty Shops, made the decision to buy them and was out of there within 10 minutes. I felt a little guilty when the sales person helpfully brought out a second pair for me to look at in case I didn’t like these and I was like “uh yeah…no kthxbye” but I had to do what I had to do. Anyway, ended up being a great purchase.

That’s my story, happy Friday!