Mimo AppA few months ago, I deleted the Facebook app from my phone. I had found myself scrolling into oblivion one too many times. Being insulted by a stranger during a discussion on vaccines (I know, I know), was the last straw. I still think Facebook is useful, particularly for participating in affinity groups and of course for keeping up with family and friends, but removing it from my phone has freed up a little bit more of the extremely limited time and mental space I have while working and raising a toddler. I haven’t memorized the password, which prevents me from logging in via the website on my phone. I now log in a few times a week on my laptop.

I have since installed a few more edifying apps on my phone. One of those is Mimo – a fun app that helps users learn to code through a series of gamified courses. The free version gets you the first module in each course, and the premium version unlocks all of the content for $49.99/year. Courses include Swift, app and game development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, Cybersecurity, PHP, Git, and several others.

I have only tried the free version of this app so far, but from what I’ve seen, it’s definitely worth a look. If you’re interested in learning to code it is fun, easy to fit in to short snippets of time, and far less expensive than many of the web based learn-to-code sites.

Have you tried Mimo? What do you think of it? Are there other similar apps?