In 1999, I decided it would be a good idea to design and create 40 garments in 30 days for a fashion show. Looking back on it, it was one of the most disastrous yet fulfilling things I’ve ever done creatively.


Considering my timeline, there wasn’t much time for fitting or adjustments. On the night of the show, zippers broke, seams ripped, and my nerves were shot. Thankfully, my friends, family, and models kept it together and everyone enjoyed the show. All of the garments were completed, at least, and most of them managed to look pretty good in their few minutes on stage. There were two parts to the show: a carnival inspired parade of Caribbean flag inspired garments, followed by each designer’s individual line.

For my line, I combined vintage fabrics with new fabrics to create a collection of beach wear. I did this partly out of necessity since I didn’t have the money to buy all new fabric, and partly out of my love for vintage patterns and polyester. So I went to the thrift store, bought skirts with cool patterns, and hacked them together with solids to create new looks. I love that restyling has become so popular lately. I would love to devote some time to it again.

Have you done any interesting restyling projects using vintage clothing or other items? Any big overzealous projects that you look back on with both horror and happiness? Share your story in the comments.