Every once in awhile, I like doing tutorials aimed at beginners. I’ve been doing web development for a long time, but I like to refresh my memory on the basics from time to time. And as anyone in this field knows, things change. (What do you mean I can’t use nested tables to lay out my pages??? Yes, that’s what we did in the Old Days. (And we liked it.))

As I was googling for information on exception handling in PL/SQL, I came across this great series of Oracle tutorials. This is the best introduction I have seen. It’s a few years old, but still very relevant. The author, David Njoku’s writing is accessible and funny. To give you an idea of his writing style, here’s a quote:

Without foreign keys, a database is like a dull room, full of bored people. With foreign keys, it’s a party.

If that didn’t make you chuckle, you may not be as nerdy as me. In any case, check out the series here:

Oracle for Absolute Beginners