Pink Old Navy Tee, Black Shorts, H&M Skinny Belt

Tee – Old Navy, Shorts – Second Time Around
Tights – Target, Shoes –, Belt – H&M, Earrings – Clark Park Flea Market

I decided to get creative and make my faux background extra faux today. I’m no graphic designer, but I love dabbling in Photoshop…well Gimp and Inkscape, more accurately (who has $700 to spend on software??). In my head, there are all sorts of awesome things I could create. Figuring out how to do it is another story…

So, my pink tee again. I sometimes forget which of my tees are Gap, Old Navy, or Express when I’m typing up my outfit deets, so forgive me if I give the wrong source from time to time. I usually go and check just to make sure, if I can find the item in question, that is. This particular tee has been a wardrobe staple for long enough that it has now moved on to a new stage of its life as a scarf. Crew neck long sleeved tees have pretty much worn out their welcome in my closet in general, so others may also become beautiful swans soon.

These are the only pair of shorts I own. I have avoided shorts for years; in my mind they were just generally unflattering, and I’ve typically worn jeans all summer long with a skirt here and there. In my recent efforts to broaden my fashion horizons, I went on the hunt for shorts and found these.

I don’t know if the pink and white things are actually butterflies, dragonflies, or mosquitoes, but I’m going with butterflies. Paired them up with my striped mesh tights and skinny belt. What will I wear them with now that my pink tee is gone??? The world may never know.