Ralph Lauren Red Denim Jacket and Iz Dress

Jacket  – Ralph Lauren / Gift, Dress – Iz via Goodwill
Shoes – Buffalo Exchange, Tights – Ross, Belt – H&M, Earrings – Second Mile Center (Thrift)

First off (first off? what does that even mean?), if you get that title at all, you should come hang out with me right now since you’re my new BFF…(yes, I will use cryptic titles from time to time to test you…)

I’m pretty sure my sister gave me this jacket. I don’t think I’ve ever worn it, even though it’s awesome, because it doesn’t fit that well. Thanks to Tania of What Would a Nerd Wear though, I learned to criss-cross the front of a too big jacket, cardi or shirt and belt it for instant flattering fit. Yes!

Wore this with one of my favorite dresses, a fab find I got at Goodwill (ouch, too much alliteration…).  It’s made of this nice soft fabric that is super comfortable and easy to wear. I’m not a huge fan of mock turtlenecks in general, but I do like the tiny pleats that lead up to this one, and the fabric is soft enough not to stand up awkwardly, so I won’t cut it off just yet.

These are another pair of tights I got at Ross. So here’s the thing about tights – they’re really expensive. $5 – $20 or more, depending where you shop. But, surprise! You can get a two or three pack for 6 bucks at Ross. And they’re Ann Taylor, Via Spiga, etc. So they’re slightly irregular…guess what, I don’t care. So far, no rips, no tears, no ill fitting. The only pseudo-problem is they don’t have a label inside so I can’t tell which brand is which to share with you guys. I think that’s a fair trade for the price…

So, I’m wearing these great patent leather flats from Buffalo Exchange. Up until very recently they were slightly too small, but either they got bigger or my feet got smaller bc they’re comfy now!! They held up extremely well through the Groundhog Storm recently (it wasn’t raining groundhogs, it was just a storm on groundhog day…), and I was kind of shocked that they didn’t fall apart. I took a closeup of them for your viewing pleasure…will post that later. (Leave them wanting more! Or something…)

…Don’t say anything, but I kinda feel like I look like Santa Claus when I wear red and black. I don’t, right? Right!?