Blouse – H&M via Buffalo Exchange, Skirt – ???
Stockings – Target, Shoes – Steve Madden via Buffalo Exchange
Belt – Donna Karan via Buffalo Exchange, Earrings – Clark Park Flea Market

Well not solid…well not even gold really, but you get the idea. I wore this outfit to a fashion show with my mom and sister. I wanted something cute but not over the top and this fit the bill…depending on your definition of over the top (and cute, actually)…

This skirt came very close to going to Goodwill, but I held onto it only because I love the drape of the fabric. Perfect for dancing and pretty good just for walking. The swish-factor equals built in air conditioning. The length was a problem though, hitting just below the knee which created an unattractive silhouette. At some point, I realized I could pull it up over my bustline, which gave it a whole different look. The drape is even better, and it appears to be slightly longer in the back, which I like.

Of course that means I can’t tuck my blouse into the skirt, so I tucked it into this awesome wide Donna Karan belt. I gained new respect for Donna Karan after seeing her featured on TV recently. Don’t remember what the show was but I loved her philosophy of simple, easy to wear, yet feminine and flattering clothing for women. She was wearing these amazingly comfortable looking, super stylish black harem pants. Her history as a designer is pretty fascinating.

I wasn’t expecting this pair of stockings to be as much of a head turner as they are, but I love them. I like to turn the toes 180 degrees to create a candy cane stripe effect around my ankles…