I think I’m starting to remember how to draw. I hadn’t really drawn anything in years when I decided I wanted to get back to it. Though my sketches still need plenty of work, they are starting to resemble what I’m drawing – a step in the right direction.

In this series, I focused on still life, getting the image on the page quickly, and not using an eraser. The idea is to be less dependent on erasing so that perhaps the lines will be a bit more accurate in the first place. Also, just as I’ve done with collaging, I have a habit of committing to lines that are wrong by drawing them in too darkly, when it’s a better idea to draw lightly until I’m sure a line is where it should be.

I need to get better at conveying the weight and dimension of an object so it doesn’t look like it’s floating in space.

I have a little bit of a thing for plastic bags in paintings. It amazes me how they can be made to look shiny…

This is why an eraser has been my best friend.