max studio dress white cropped sweater

Sweater – Philly Aids Thrift, Dress – Max Studio via Ross, Tights – Ross
Shoes – Nine West, Earrings – Clark Park Flea Market, Belt – Gift from Nekea

I originally bought this dress as a basic layering piece, after being super inspired by a post on What Would a Nerd Wear. I got it at Ross and thought the price was fair. Considering that the least expensive dress on the Max Studio website is £15 right now and I paid $18 for this one, I didn’t do too badly. Another thing I like about window shopping is knowing which prices are actually good compared to retail when I’m shopping in brick and mortar stores.

The only problem is I don’t really like the dress. It’s a touch too long for my tastes and the drape isn’t my favorite. There’s elastic and ruching at the top which can make layers lumpy. I think it’s still serving it’s purpose though – I can layer heavier fabrics over it and the length is nothing a little hemming can’t fix. I also tend to like longer lengths with knee high boots or heels…(note to self: wear this dress with knee high boots or heels).

This outfit is the result of one of those days when I wake up, fling half a dozen items over my head while trying to find something to wear and leave a mess in my wake. I wasn’t happy with the dress alone, then the cropped sweater over it just looked blah, then the stockings with black shoes felt like mourning clothes.

Finally I threw on my miracle belt (last worn here) and my brown flats (with dark grey stockings, gasp!) and everything was better. That belt did not clean up my closet, though. I’ve found it’s pretty much just along for the ride.