mossimo tshirt express jeans virgo symbol pendant steve madden shoes turban
Tshirt – Thrifted, Jeans – Express via Some Thrift Store, Scarf – a Sidewalk Sale Somewhere…
Sunnies – Giant Vintage,  Earrings – Clark Park Flea Market
Necklace – Adorn Boutique, Pendant – gift from Mom, Shoes – Steve Madden

I wore this outfit to run downtown for a facial. I really didn’t feel like getting up or getting dressed, so I threw on my trusty, well worn, twice-restyled, thrifted Express jeans and a more recently thrifted heather gray tee. It looked extra blah so I decided to wear my Steve Madden faux snake skin peep toe flats, which always put a smile on my face. I love these shoes bc they’re so comfortable and so my style. I realized recently that I really like snake skin. I have another pair of snake skin sandals that I really should wear more, but I rarely wear mules and they’re mules…I tried to take a pic of the Maddens (do you think any Cowboys fans will end up here via search and be sadly disappointed?) but the little one preferred that I take a pic of him and I obliged.

I was tired of looking at my hair so I decided to wear a scarf tied as a “turban,” which reminds me more of Rosie the Riveter (whose image I love) than anything. I wore my Virgo pendant, the first time in the many years that I’ve had it. This pendant, if it can be called that (it’s so big and chunky it reminds me of Run DMC in the best of ways) was once my mom’s. I saw it on her dresser a long long time ago and it’s been laying around in my jewelry collection since. I finally got a chain made to wear with all of my miscellaneous pendants (for only $20!) and so this baby finally saw the light of day.

Topped it off with my favorite Giant Vintage sunnies…

This outfit ended up being super comfortable, totally me and perfect for schlepping. Also, an old man with a cane exclaimed “you just as fine as you want to be!” as I walked across the street, which was nice because I want to be really, really fine.