Lux Jacket, Gap Real Straight Jeans, Target Boots

Jacket – Lux via Buffalo Exchange, Sweater –  H&M via Philly AIDS Thrift?, Jeans – Gap
Boots – Target, Earrings – Clark Park Flea Market

These cowboy boots from Target are one of my favorite pairs of shoes. They have definitely seen better days at this point – the heels are run down and the not-so-leather-like material has worn off in places. They’re still passable worn under jeans though, and wear them I do. So comfy and very cute. Would love to find a replacement pair.

Wearing the boots with a frilly faux vintage Victorian-esque lace sweater. I love the ruffles along the sleeves and waistline, which work perfectly with the 3/4 sleeves and cropped length of this jacket. These are also my favorite jeans – Gap Real Straight’s, that I actually tried on and purchased in store as opposed to most of my other jeans which I either a) bought online and/or b) didn’t try on before buying. Live and learn. I’d like another pair or two of these jeans, but can’t bring myself to actually shop and try on in the store again…One of these days.