Dream It. Code It. Win It. is a new competition highlighting the creative aspects of Computer Science. Organized by the MIT Club of New York, it is being dubbed a “create-a-thon” and seeks to encourage people of all backgrounds to participate. Tekserve, a technology sales and services company in New York, has announced sponsorship for a Women in Tech prize:

The $5,000 Tekserve Prize is the only award geared specifically towards women in the $50,000 lineup of prizes offered by the Dream It. Code It. Win It. competition. “At Tekserve, it’s important to us to support and highlight women in the tech world,” says Jazmin Hupp, Director of Marketing at Tekserve. Hupp, who has also blogged for Women 2.0, acknowledges the gender gap in technology. “Working at Tekserve, which is a longstanding hub of technology in New York City, allows an overview of an industry that has not been particularly welcoming to women. But, it also gives us the opportunity to herald the work of women engineers and programmers, such as when we featured an art installation by artist/engineer Ingrid Gabor in our main window and held a Women’s Maker’s Fair in our store. We’re delighted to join forces with a great institution such as MIT STEM to lend sponsorship to talented female technologists.”

www.dreamitcodeitwinit.org | via Reuters