I’m a web developer and internet/technology nerd and have been using the LAMP stack for most of my career. I started in Classic ASP and have recently dabbled in .NET and Python.

Creative exploration drives me and I have recently decided to fine tune my draftswomanship among other things. I also love fashion, or more accurately personal style, and after being in a style rut for awhile wanted to get back to trying new things. I’m a big DIYer, courtesy of my mom’s unwavering “I can do that” attitude and The Discovery Channel of the 90’s. I’m pretty analytical and love to get into the minutiae of things in the hope that someone will benefit from it, whether via application or amusement.

Mostly, this site is about learning. I consider myself a part time student at the moment, double majoring in creative studies and technology, minus the tuition. A lot can be learned online, in books, by practicing, taking workshops and classes, etc, without ever paying for a “credit hour”. I’m not against traditional colleges, even graduated from one, but I am curious to see what can be done without it. My guess is plenty.

I hope to continue to share this process for the foreseeable future and see where it leads.

Thanks for stopping by.

Kaya ♥